Andre Brown, Founder and CEO, Advanced CommerceAndre Brown, Founder and CEO
Considering all that has happened since last year, retailers adopting the e-commerce channel to sell makes complete sense. The lockdown imposed due to rising cases of COVID-19 not only brought brick and mortar customers to online stores to buy groceries and daily needs, but also made them stay to have a look at the other offerings. While the customers are enjoying the benefits of shopping online from myriad of online shopping stores, the organizations are facing a huge challenge. They have plenty of products and variants available and little time for merchandising, resulting in increased customer bounce rate. Merchandising is the key to make a sale and London-based Advanced Commerce has made an attempt to simplify the same by offering their headless commerce platform GrapheneHC.

Established in 2018, Advanced Commerce is founded by Andre Brown who has spent significant time in understanding the retailers’ pain points during his first entrepreneurial endeavour in Attraqt Group PLC. With Advanced Commerce, Brown aims to bring enterprise grade merchandising to the small and mid tier retailer. And that’s what their platform GraphenHC is all about. “It is like giving them a Range Rover that will cost them the same as their motorbike,” says Brown, Founder and CEO, Advanced Commerce.

GrapheneHC helps retailers improve their decision about product curation or product sequencing, which in turn gets the metrics moving like click-through rates, conversions rates and cancelled and returns moving in the right direction. It empowers the retailers to do the ardent and computationally difficult task of online merchandising in an effective way by taking into consideration all the important KPIs.

The platform encompasses all the necessary tools for retailers to do effective merchandising in an easy to use manner. Starting with the Merchandising feature, retailers can take complete control of what the user will see and define merchandising strategies as per their need. With Advanced Prioritization, retailers can create their own customized distribution for a KPI, say price, to focus on a certain price-range, rather than having to choose high or low. One interesting feature is Element Design that is like a canvas and retailers can ‘draw’ a shape on a page and use those shapes to determine where they want different merchandising strategies to have effect on a page.

In addition, we have developed our own search engine which includes a NLP feature that determines the users search intent and then applies the appropriate search facet

Retailers can also have precise control over the products displayed on a page using Product Search Feature. GrapheneHC enables retailers to determine the product sequencing and placement on a particular page. The platform also notifies the retailers about fragmented stocks to take required action like demoting the product on the product search or category pages. On the other hand, Personalization feature provides behavioural data and profiling tools to offer personalized product recommendations. “In addition, we have developed our own search engine which includes a NLP feature that determines the users search intent and then applies the appropriate search facet,” says Brown.

The ease to use and intuitive user interface has proved beneficial for the rapid adoption of GrapheneHC in just a few years of its existence. One of the client of Advanced Commerce has been using the platform for six months and has witnessed a sharp increase in its KPIs. They did a year on year basis review based on the six months of the usage and found that the average order value went by 18 per cent, while witnessing a significant rise in the order volume as well.

And this is just the beginning of GrapheneHC and Advanced Commerce. There are a host of new product features in the pipeline like Merchandising Score, which is a patent-pending mathematical model to determine efficacy of the merchandising strategy. Brand Adjacency and Voice Activated Search is also on the cards along with technology partnerships to ensure that GrapheneHC revolutionizes the merchandising space.