Tim Lark, Managing Director, Service Innovation Group (SIG)Tim Lark, Managing Director
It is barely 9 am, and a serpentine queue of super-excited customers are jostling for space to be the first one to step into the store and take a glance at the latest smartphone unveiled by one of the world’s leading brands. However, behind all the glitz and hype of an in-store promotional launch, the brand needs to get a lot of boxes ticked before merchandising their product in the market. And out of numerous factors responsible for effectively merchandising a product, field marketing proves to be one of the most essential.

Field marketers ensure the products are well stocked, captivatingly displayed, and vigorously promoted, thus adeptly gauging the brand’s performance within the outlet. Be it an improper display of planograms, or situations leading to stock-outs, field marketers can efficiently handle all of them and act as liaisons between buyers and sellers to reap more sales for the brand. Yet, in an industry where innovation is constant, promotions frequent, and competitor product launches regularly grab the time and attention of store staff, it becomes quite a challenge for brands to deploy a dedicated field marketing workforce to confirm whether their marketing strategies are reaping the expected results.

Against this backdrop

what if a company could organize more than a thousand field marketers in close to a hundred countries before a brand’s product promotion—all within a span of 48 hours? All of whom would be highly trained and agile enough to carry out urgent marketing projects within short timelines on behalf of a brand across a wide variety of retail, wholesale and food service environments? Watford-based Service Innovation Group (SIG) has already been making it possible, providing best-in-class field marketing solutions for the world’s biggest brands.

Through its expansive web of cross-country resources across the globe, SIG works in the most efficient, flexible way to develop marketing strategies that are tailored to each client. With full-time, part-time or short-term tactical teams trained and briefed to achieve specific client goals, SIG ensures in-store execution consistently and responsibly, helping their clients exceed sales targets in a highly competitive environment. “We serve our customers through a syndicated model by relying on our network of field marketing executives and our latest in-house technology that provides best-in-class marketing solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands,” says Tim Lark, managing director of Service Innovation Group. Brands can acquire a far higher level of marketing efficiency while reaping added revenues--all without spending on a full-time workforce.

However, the essential factor underpinning SIG’s success is their leading cloud-based solution, Celero One, a digitalized workforce management app that can take everything from the initial planning of a product launch right down to its final execution. Out of numerous intuitive tools housed by the company’s in-house platform, Celero One’s field management tool constantly feeds customers with live dashboards and real-time geo-mapping data feeds, enabling them to get unrivaled insights into the locational trends and target potential retail stores for positioning the brand’s products. Alongside the platform also enables SIG’s on-field executives to host one-on-one video calls with brands and suppliers to get instantaneous suggestions or last-minute brief changes.

We serve our customers through a syndicated model by relying on our network of field marketing executives and our latest in-house technology that provides best-in-class marketing solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands

Meanwhile, what proves to be the most standalone feature of Celero One is its implementation of augmented reality to add a futuristic edge to field marketing like never before. The augmented reality assistance comes whenever a field executive is trying to fix complex briefs or plans that require attention to every minute detail. Field sales executives use VR goggles and smart glasses, through which instructions are visualized step by step on real world objects across a wide range of services--be it grocery, technology, or even service solutions, allowing them to complete the task without referring to a person or a device to obtain the tutorial. Brands can acquire a 360-degree view of their field marketer’s status, which includes real-time reporting from the field—all accessible through Celero One Cloud platform. Last but not least, customers can get an overview of their weekly data analyzed and compiled into live and push reports, in order to conduct monthly reviews with expert recommendations and actionable insights for generating a better ROI.

Keeping aside SIG’s expertise of on-field executives supplemented by a next-generation platform, another striking differentiating factor that sets SIG apart from its peers is its data-driven marketing approach using the client’s sales data. The company can deploy its team of marketing executives worldwide for every single store at a specific time across multiple countries on the first day of the product launch. The SIG team can analyze the sales data generated on that day to target stores that show a dip in sales and accordingly deploy their representatives to visit the stores and devise ways to generate more sales through that outlet. “Going beyond the boundaries of service providers, we act as partners for our clients to help grow the business in a sustainable way and make sure there’s return for everything they invest in,” remarks Lark.

Reposing on the wide range of their platform’s functionalities and the compounded expertise of the vast network of cross-border marketing executives, SIG has quite understandably partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world. And leveraging that reputation, the company is going to move ahead and diversify its product offering amid the changing retail landscape against the backdrop of the pandemic. “We have a humongous network of people across our key markets, which can be utilized to do anything with the technology that we have, and ramp up sales for various brands and their products in the near future,” concludes Lark.